Our company was founded in 1970 and with over 40 years of experience in sheet metal stamping, has acquired considerable expertise, production capacity and competitiveness using the most modern production technologies and organizational available on the market. ISA Vascelli specializes in cold forming any type of sheet metal and works with leading companies in their respective sectors.

ISA Vascelli is able to satisfy all customer requirements through a complete production process from design to finished product.

The full range of work includes: deep drawing, blanking and lock -step, folding, embossing, welding, spot welding, assembly and various other processes such as painting, galvanizing and heat treatment managed by qualified external suppliers.
Thanks to a continuous improvement of working methods, production processes and application technologies, ISA Vascelli has extended its reach to many sectors of the manufacturing industry.

It is now proposed as a preferred partner for all companies that need a valid technical and logistical support, ensuring reliability, accuracy and fast response times.


Our organization is aware of the ongoing efforts that every company must take in order to consolidate its position in the market, adopted the following guidelines that constitute our strategic orientation:

“Customers are at the heart of everything we do. Our thinking, our daily work, and every product and service must meet customer expectations”

Customer centricity is the main element around which ISA Vascelli has developed its own organization. .
Our goal is to interpret the different needs of each client and configure a product that best fits those needs.

“Trust and Collaboration for all our customers”.

The activities of all employees must be targeted to build and develop relationships based on mutual trust and cooperation.
The only way to create the conditions for lasting relationships and profitable, in which the resources at stake operate, effectively, to generate added value to finished products.

“The fight for continuous improvement in everything we do is for us a source of pride”.

Our company, in fact, is making continuous investments in the reorganization of its processes and staff training.
The continuous improvement of processes is the key to achieving a competitive advantage that distinguishes us from our competitors.